Making a difference

Across the business, we are led by a sense of purpose and a set of principles that foster an environment of trust, within which challenge and debate are encouraged and talent is recognised and nurtured. People are the Group’s most valuable resource and the success of the Group is to the credit of all its employees; this helps drive one of our strategic priorities of building a digital culture that is values-driven, customer-focused and data-oriented.

Corporate social responsibility (‘CSR’) at Auto Trader is driven by our values and culture and is focused on making a difference. It comprises employee engagement, people development, health and safety, environmental impact, sustainability and energy efficient operations.

Auto Trader is a responsible employer and we are keen to give back to the local communities in which we operate, as well as supporting charities and causes that are close to our employees’ hearts.

The ways in which we wish to make a difference in our community are focused on four areas: employees’ individual charitable efforts, customer charitable causes, local charitable support and community engagement through education and business mentoring. Auto Trader views these responsibilities as things that should be embedded in how we operate our business on a daily basis.