Fast digital culture, driven by innovation

Our culture

To help us achieve our purpose to lead the digital future of the UK automotive industry we have fostered a fast paced culture and highly customer orientated approach that has innovation at its heart. Driven by a committed leadership team that combines both digital experience with a long average tenure at the Group.

Our culture is shaped by our values of: humility, determination, reliability, curiosity and inspiration. Throughout the organisation, these values manifest themselves in our fast paced and highly customer orientated approach, and in our commitment to being an exciting, innovative and digital-led company.

By adhering to the Group’s core values, we believe we are making a positive impact not only on our consumer audience and customers, but also on our employees and the communities in which they work and live.

At Auto Trader we are:


We focus on what’s right for our customers. Our teams are structured so we can react quickly, learning from what’s gone before to succeed faster.


We embrace a lean approach. That means we build things quickly, test with real customers and then work on improvements.


Happy people do better work. We strive to create a special working environment — and make sure our people get time for other things, too.


Ideas come from everywhere, so everyone at Auto Trader gets listened to. We talk among ourselves – and with customers – at every opportunity.

Our values

Be determined

We got where we are today by being determined. And that’s how we’ll continue to succeed.

Be reliable

Our customers depend on us, so we must always be there with useful services that work effortlessly.

Be curious

Asking questions and trying things out is the best way to stay ahead of changes in the digital world.

Be inspirational

With over 35 years of experience, Auto Trader is a trusted industry voice. We use that voice wisely.

Be humble

We need our customers more than they need us. Everything we do, we should do to help them.

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